Here is what people are saying about Angela:

I meant what I said at the last class about you. You’ve changed my life. I don’t know how I’d be able to get through daily activity without Ortho-Bionomy to take care of my forearm. It never stops getting tight and O-B is the only thing that helps. It is magic!

Steve, Govt. Employee, Alexandria, VA

Every session I’ve ever had with Angela has been unbelievably relaxing and healing. Today, I came in with severe pain in my lower back and left with no pain. Furthermore, while on the table, I experienced the longest period I can remember of respite from a chronic facial spasm. Angela brings multiple healing modalities to her work. I have had lots of bodywork over the past 30 years, and I’ve never experienced anything quite like the amazing effects of a session with Angela. She is a true healer.

Mary,  retired non-profit executive, Alexandria, VA

I am a concert pianist. A year ago I began losing control of two fingers in my left hand, dramatically affecting my playing. Over the course of six months I went to 5 different doctors who eventually sent me to a neurosurgeon with a recommendation of surgery. Fortunately the surgeon was reluctant to do the surgery, feeling that surgery was not going to fix the problem.

Feeling that my career was about to come to an end, I talked with a friend who recommended I see Angela Cannon. I made my first appointment, and to be honest, did not have a great deal of confidence. After the first two sessions I began to feel a difference and could actually play in a limited capacity. Overjoyed at what she was doing, I returned for multiple sessions, and after less than 6 months she has restored my hand to complete function. In fact, I feel I am playing better now than I ever did!

Wes McCune, musician

I am a client of Angela’s and would love to share a recent experience about how the joy and accomplishments of one person is truly transmitted in an extremely powerful and positive energy.

On a Tuesday morning in August 2010, Angela was invited to perform a healing service at an Episcopal Church. I had an appointment with her later that evening. She began to tell me about her experience running through each detail as it unfolded. I felt a growing and extreme sense of happiness for Angela because it was wonderfully obvious that she was ecstatic about her experience that day and doing what she loved to do.

The next day at work I began to notice that I truly was enjoying my job, loved everyone I worked with, and life seemed absolutely fantastic. My normal sense of well-being was replaced by a super charged and heightened sense of well-being, an experience I had never known but really liked! That evening I was at my community band rehearsal and we were sight reading some new pieces. Usually with the more technical passages I need to look over the music a few times before I have it under my belt. Not that night, I was unquestionably one with my instrument and felt no barriers. We rehearsed a technical piece and, as they say in the business, I nailed it. There was not one mental or physical stumbling block. That evening I began to wonder where this new sense of well-being came from and I traced it back to my session with Angela. This heightened state of well-being continued through Friday.

I really wanted to test my theory at my next appointment and yes, again, for the next few days I felt very energized, full of joy, and honestly in a better place. This experience was repeated the following week as well. I now know first-hand that my associations with Angela’s positive energy truly contributed to raising my sense of well-being. It sure was contagious.

Thank you Angela for all the good that you do not only with your hands but your positive energy.

Donna, IT/QA specialist and musician, Alexandria, VA

I referred a client with years of bad menstrual cramps to Angela, who used a combination of O-B and Reiki, and the client tells me she had no cramps at her next period – first time in 20 years!

S.L. Myotherapist, Alexandria, VA.

On leaving a session – “It’s like being on a ride – I just want to get back on!”

Stephanie, Artist/Realtor, Alexandria, VA

I have scoliosis and see Angela once a month. After my sessions I am literally taller. I know this not just because I can breathe better, but because I have to adjust the rear view mirror in my car before I drive away.

Cynthia, Realtor, VA

Angela is a superb healer. Gentle when needed. Always patient. I always feel better when I leave a session. More importantly it lasts – especially the Reiki energy.
Peg, CPA Consultancy Owner
Thanks again for the wonderful class Angela! I’m really looking forward to getting together for the next one. I felt I learned so much in such a short time 🙂
Jennifer, State Dept. employee, VA